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Mobile homes get out of level for a variety of reasons. It may be caused by a failure to compact the ground properly before setting the home. Many times it is caused by water getting under the home. Hoses drip, drainage slopes the wrong way and channels water under the mobile home, pipes under the mobile home leak, etc.

The problem can be painful because it will cost several hundred dollars to have someone come out and level a doublewide. If the root of the problem that caused the mobile home to go out of level has not been fixed, it will have to be done again before long.

Duffy's can get a mobile home perfectly level using a water level made from a gallon jug filled with antifreeze and 100' of transparent plastic tubing, and also correct all the underlying reasons causing your mobile home to lose level alignment.

Contact us today to learn what we can do for you! Check out our Gallery to see some our recent leveling.

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